Every fifth person lives alone

According to experts, the number of multi-person households in Germany is increasingly falling.

Every fifth person lives alone

Frankfurt (dpa) - In Germany, 17.3 million people are spared the debate about whose turn it is to wash the dishes: they live in one-person households, according to data released by the Federal Statistical Office on Tuesday - amounting to one out of every five people in the country.

This was not always the case: since 1991, the number of one-person households has risen by 46 per cent. The number of households with three or more people - whether it be families or flat-shares - fell by 20 per cent during the same period.

The average household size has dropped from 2.27 to 1.99 people between 1991 and 2018, according to the microcensus conducted by the statistical office.

Last year, 58 per cent of households had two or more inhabitants. The largest share of these 24 million households - 34 per cent - had two people. This could be a couple, but also a single parent with a child or a two-person flat-share.

Three people lived in 12 per cent of the households, while four-people households represented only 9 per cent. Only in 3 per cent of households were there five or more inhabitants.

While the size of the households has progressively decreased, the number of households is on the rise. In 1991, there were 35.3 million of them. Last year, the number had reached 41.4 million - an increase of 17 per cent.