Facts and figures about the Bundestag elections

Who voted for whom, where was the turnout highest? Five facts you need to know.

picture alliance/dpa

Who voted for whom?

Among the under-30s, the Greens lead the field (22 percent) ahead of the FDP (19 percent). The SPD came in at 17 percent, the CDU/CSU at 11 percent. Among the under-60s, the SPD won 22 percent of the vote. The Greens are on a par with the CDU/CSU (18 and 19 percent respectively). In the 60-plus generation, the SPD is in equal place with the CDU/CSU (34 per cent; down seven) at 35 percent (up ten).

Which federal state had the highest voter turnout?

Bavaria had the highest voter turnout of all the federal states with 79.8 percent, 3.2 percent above the national average. Saxony-Anhalt had the lowest turnout at 67.9 percent.

Which party has the highest proportion of women in the new Bundestag?

The Greens have the highest proportion of women in the new Bundestag. 58.5 percent of their parliamentary group are female. The Left Party has 53.8 percent and the SPD 41.7 percent. The AfD has the fewest female MPs, at 13.3 percent. The FDP has 23.9 percent, the CDU/CSU 23.5 percent.

Who is the youngest MP?

The Green politician Emilia "Milla" Fester is the youngest member of the new Bundestag. The 23-year-old assistant director from Hamburg came third on the national list in Sunday's election, which is her ticket to Berlin.

When will Germany have a new federal chancellor?

Political scientist Stefan Marschall expects the coalition negotiations to drag on until Christmas, and believes it is questionable whether there will be a new chancellor by then. "But we will already know which direction things are headed," said Marschall.