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G20 joint declaration: Scholz praises emphasis on “territorial integrity” of all countries

A joint declaration has been agreed at the G20 summit in India. The group of states also agreed to admit the African Union as its second regional organisation.

Olaf Scholz, Narendra Modi
© picture alliance/dpa

New Delhi (dpa) - The G20 has acquired a new member for the first time since it was established in 1999. The group of states agreed at its summit in India to admit the African Union (AU) as the second regional organisation, the first being the European Union. Despite considerable differences of opinion over the Russian war in Ukraine, the G20 leaders agreed on a joint declaration. Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz described the paragraphs relating to the war in Ukraine as a success. In New Delhi on Saturday he praised their emphasis on the “territorial integrity” of all countries. He stressed that “in the end, Russia gave up its resistance to such a resolution, simply because everyone else had moved in this direction”.