German government plans to end Mali mission in 2024

1,200 soldiers to be withdrawn after elections in the West African country

Bundesregierung will Mali-Einsatz 2024 beenden
picture alliance/dpa

Berlin (dpa) - The German government plans to continue deploying German Blue Helmet soldiers in the West African country of Mali only until May 2024. A final mandate is to create the conditions for withdrawal next year. According to government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit, it will be proposed to the Bundestag that the mandate “be extended for the last time by one year in May 2023 in order to bring this deployment to a structured end after ten years”. “This is to take particular account of the elections in Mali, which are scheduled for February 2024.”

About 1,200 German soldiers are on a mission in Mali. Recently, there had been repeated disputes between the military rulers and the UN mission. Since the military coup in May 2021, the country has been ruled by officers.