Germans already leading more climate-conscious lives

Many Germans are willing to change their lives for the sake of the climate, according to a recent survey. But they do not want a new tax. 

Deutsche leben bereits klimabewusster

Hamburg (dpa) - In order to preserve the environment and nature, almost three quarters of Germans are prepared to accept certain restrictions on their consumption and lifestyle habits, according to a survey. In a representative online survey for the Hamburg-based BAT Foundation for Future Studies, 73 percent said they would accept restrictions for the sake of protecting the environment. 
Many citizens have already changed their everyday habits. Almost two thirds of the respondents separate their waste, have stopped using plastic bags and use energy-saving lightbulbs. 51 percent said that they fly less, while a further 31 percent would be willing to do so. When it comes to giving up the car, however, the picture is different. 23 percent said they already do not use a car. 20 percent can imagine doing so, but 57 percent answered that they would not want to give up their car completely. Of all the proposed measures, the introduction of a climate tax met with the greatest opposition: 68 percent said no, while 30 percent would accept such a tax.
"Most German citizens are willing to help stop climate change, but want the restrictions on their personal lives to be as minimal as possible," said Professor Ulrich Reinhardt, scientific director of the BAT Foundation, summarising the results. His advice is that policymakers should make it as easy as possible for the general population to switch to a green everyday lifestyle.

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