Honor for cultural education

The German president honors a foundation and a school for their work with young people.

Honor for cultural education

Berlin (dpa) - The Brandenburg Gate Foundation and the Herder integrated comprehensive school in Frankfurt were awarded the Future Pirze for Cultural Education called "Der Olymp" on Tuesday. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as sponsor of the competition, called for efforts to provide cultural education to as many young people as possible.

"I believe that everyone can find access to art and culture if these are opened up to them and not blocked," Steinmeier said.

The competition "Kinder zum Olymp" (Children to Mount Olympus) is an educational initiative of the Cultural Foundation of the German states. The Brandenburg Gate Foundation convinced the jury with its programme called "Max" in which artists are provide for at least a year in a studio room of one of eight elementary schools in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. This assures the reliable and long-term interaction between pupils and artists.

The integrated comprehensive school Herder was cited for its providing 14 hours weekly of "cultural practice" under the slogan "An Art For Each Person" in which the 650 pupils are encouraged to discover their own artistic potential, be it in film, theatre, dance, performance, design or writing.

The two winning entries were among around 350 initiatives and projects that took part in the competition.