More single households in Germany

Study reveals that 41.8 per cent of homes are occupied by one person.

picture alliance/dpa

Frankfurt ( - The number of single households is continuing to rise in Germany. The national average is 41.8 per cent. Multiple-person households without children are at 29.9 per cent, while households with children are at 28.3 per cent. The current GFK study on population structure in Germany also shows a growing divide in household size between cities and rural districts.

In the ranking of single households, cities lead the field without exception. In the capital Berlin, for example, only one person is registered in 52.7 per cent of households. The first district – namely the district of Goslar – appears only in 70th place. The opposite applies to households with children, which reach figures above the national average of 28.3 per cent, especially in the districts. The first city appears here in 171st place.