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Restored and exhibited

Warsaw/Lublin (dpa) – Historians have restored around 1,000 objects found in the grounds of a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland.

Most of the objects, which were uncovered around the Sobibor extermination camp, are everyday items such as glasses, combs, jewellery and cutlery, according to the Majdanek State Museum in the southern Polish city of Lublin.

They will go on display in a planned new museum in the grounds of the Sobibor camp. The museum is currently under construction.

The objects were discovered during excavation work around the Sobibor camp, where an estimated 170,000 Jews were killed.

Around 3,000 similar objects are already on display at the State Museum in Lublin. Restorers have removed earth and rust from the items and uncovered inscriptions and engravings.