Scholz: “Putin will not win”

The German chancellor called on the Russian president to immediately stop the military attack on Ukraine. 

Scholz: „Das ist Putins Krieg“

Berlin - In a televised address, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called on Russia's President Vladimir Putin to cease hostilities immediately. „He alone decided on this war, not the Russian people. He alone bears responsibility for it," Scholz said. At the same time, he stressed Nato's unity. "Putin should not underestimate Nato's determination to defend all its members," the Chancellor said.

He explicitly addressed the Nato allies in Eastern Europe: "We will stand by you. Germany stands by Nato's duty to stand by you." He ended his speech by saying: "We are resolute and act decisively. Putin will not win."

At the same time, the chancellor announced further tough sanctions. "It will become clear that Putin has committed a grave error with this war," he said. "Our next step is to decide on further tough sanctions against Russia today in close consultation with our international partners in Nato and the European Union." The aim, he said, was to make it clear to the Russian leadership that it would pay a bitter price for its aggression.  (with dpa)