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"My absolute dream job"

Four migrants tell how they found their future by training in a skilled trade in Germany.

Constanze Kleis, 09.10.2021
Shoemaker Hedayatullah Mohammadi
Shoemaker Hedayatullah Mohammadi © Tim Wegener

Hedayatullah Mohammadi (30) from Afghanistan is a master shoemaker in Frankfurt am Main.

"I used to think that one day I would become an architect or a doctor. Now I'm both: as a master shoemaker, I cure shoes of their injuries. Besides, my trade is quite architectural in a way. So I've found my absolute dream job – even if it was a long and hard road. And the fact that I was recently able to train my brother as a shoemaker makes me very happy."

Diaa Almoussa (29) from Syria is a hairdresser in Giessen.

Hairdresser Diaa Almoussa
Hairdresser Diaa Almoussa © privat

"When I came to Germany from Syria in 2015, I was able to start an internship in a hairdressing shop right away; a year later I got an apprenticeship place. I had already financed my law studies in Damascus by cutting hair. I passed my final apprenticeship exam a year ago, and my next goal is to become a master craftswoman. The biggest obstacle is the language. Fortunately, I made sure I learned German as well as possible right from the start. I'm sure it also helps that being a hairdresser means you talk to people a lot."

Mohamad Hamzaalemam (25) from Syria is a qualified bakery-shop assistant in Eberswalde. Naser Yusofzai (27) from Afghanistan is doing an apprenticeship in the same shop.

Baker Mohamad Hamzaalemam and sales assistant Naser Yusofzai
Baker Mohamad Hamzaalemam and sales assistant Naser Yusofzai © privat

Mohamad Hamzaalemam: "I started here as a temp, but soon the owner suggested I should do an apprenticeship. At first I thought my German wasn't good enough, but it has worked out really well, partly thanks to the boss's support: I've had tutoring and the occasional day off to study for an exam. I've been a qualified bakery-shop assistant since July 2021. It's a very good feeling to have future prospects."

Naser Yusofzai: "The best part of my job is that you create something with your own hands. I like making dough and baking. This has been my occupation since the beginning of 2021, when I passed the apprenticeship exam. Now I want to further improve my language skills and become a master baker."


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