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New work worldwide

The future of work: find out here how Anna and Nils Schnell discovered New Work and why they are now pursuing modern ways of working around the world.

Anna and Nils Schnell - MOWOMIND
Anna and Nils Schnell - MOWOMIND © Jens Umbach

Nils Schnell had his first encounter with flexible work management at a young, hip IT firm in Hamburg. That “reprogrammed” him, as he describes it. He did his research, founded the consulting firm Mowomind with his wife Anna to spread their ideas as coaches for teams and managers – and then went on a trip round the world. The couple’s goal was to identify the best example of New Work. Their first tour took them to Australia. In Sidney they spoke with a CEO who had redesignated himself as Chief Purpose Officer (CPO) and then made a success of his company. He simply allowed employees to do what they really wanted. In Lagos, Africa, they saw how the Magic Carpet Studio was about to become the leading studio for animated films. Employees made sure they kept up-to-date with in-house knowledge exchange. Anna and Nils Schnell’s next tour will take them to North and South America – in other words, to the last home of the founder of the New Work movement. The German-born philosopher Frithjof Bergmann died in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in May 2021. The Schnells were in contact with him until shortly before his death.


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