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Job sharing at the top

The future of work: find out here why Janina Marks and Michael Hedinger share a management position at logistics group DB Schenker.

Janina Marks and Michael Hedinger - DB SCHENKER
Janina Marks and Michael Hedinger - DB SCHENKER © Jens Umbach

Ultimately, says Janina Marks, it’s a win-win-win situation from which all parties benefit – her, her colleague and the company. For one year now, Janina Marks and Michael Hedinger have been sharing a management position at the logistics company DB Schenker in Hamburg. They call it “topsharing”. The official designation – for both of them – is Head of Global Trade Management. And this is how it came about. Initially, DB Schenker offered Janina Marks the management job. However, despite the attraction of moving a step up the career ladder, she didn’t want to work full-time because she had a two-year-old son and also wanted to have time for herself. So she looked for a tandem partner with executive experience. This was when Michael Hedinger’s name came up. The two managers knew each other within the industry. Michael Hedinger was already working in a senior position. He was attracted by doing international business in a globally active enterprise and the new compatibility of having a family and a career. On 1 April 2021 they began jointly managing a nearly 20-person team, which allows them to pool their strengths and have more time. “And everyone benefits,” says Michael Hedinger.


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