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Germany is the world’s fourth-largest economy, highly innovative and has a strong focus on exports. The future lies in Industry 4.0.

Volunteering in Germany: Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr

Stuck for vocational or academic inspiration or direction? Keen to undertake work that makes a difference and contributes to society? Or perhaps you are interested in spending a year in Germany, to learn more about the country's social services sector, improve your German and gather valuable professional and philanthropic experience. The Voluntary Social Year may be for you.

Interning in Germany: The Basics

Interning in Germany is a common and encouraged way to gain professional experience. But where should you start looking? How do you land the perfect position? Read on: We have some tips to help you get started.

The giga challenge

60,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable for superfast broadband: how Germany is driving forward digitisation and the expansion of its network.

Innovations for Africa

German Federal Minister of Research Anja Karliczek bestowed awards on four African scientists for their outstanding research achievements.

Winners on both sides

Valuable economic relationship: How German automobile manufacturers are stimulating US exports and US investments are boosting innovation in Germany.