Beginning a course of dual training

Germany’s dual training system is also on offer abroad, for example at the FEDA Madrid vocational school. Let us introduce you to it.

A good start to a professional career: a course of dual training at the FEDA.
A good start to a professional career: a course of dual training at the FEDA. Flamingo Images -

What is meant by dual vocational training?

Germany’s dual training system is highly rated around the world. This is how it works: students spend between two and three and a half years learning a profession in both theoretical and practical terms. They work and learn in a company and attend a vocational school that gives them instruction in subjects relating to their chosen profession and in general subjects. They already earn money while doing their training. As a rule, a school leaving certificate is a prerequisite.


Dual training at the FEDA Madrid

A number of German schools abroad also offer dual training. One of them is the FEDA Madrid vocational school. The Spanish acronym stands for “Formación Empresarial Dual Alemana”, which roughly translated means German dual vocational training. The FEDA Madrid trains students in the areas of industry, haulage, wholesale and foreign trade management. Training in mechatronics or sales is also on offer, as is a dual degree in business studies. Courses in hotel management are run at its Tenerife site. The FEDA cooperates with numerous companies, including Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Stihl, Lidl and Transfesa Logistics.

The trainees receive a monthly salary from their company. And apart from an annual enrolment fee (currently 180 euros), the training costs nothing because Germany’s Federal Government and the companies cover all the costs.

Learning for life

The dual training on offer at the FEDA is multilingual. Depending on the subject and the company in question, students may require a knowledge of German, Spanish and/or English, as they work in international teams. The idea is to prepare them for the international labour market – and it appears to work: former FEDA trainees have described the dual course as their springboard to a career in large multinational companies. Since its foundation in 1980, more than 1,400 graduates have successfully laid the foundation stone for a professional career at the FEDA and at the companies.

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