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Sharing is becoming increasingly popular: 50% of Germans are interested in car-sharing schemes.

© picture-alliance/dpa - German Carsharing

SHARING THE FUN OF DRIVING. It doesn’t matter whether it’s gardens, accommodation, food or music: sharing is becoming increasingly popular. This also applies to cars. For many people car sharing is developing more and more into an alternative to owning your own 
vehicle. Some 50% of Germans are interested in car-sharing schemes, and the figure is as high as two-thirds among the under-30s. This information comes from a study by the 
Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media 
(BITKOM). Consumers can choose between three different models depending on their individual needs. In station-based car-sharing, customers rent the car for a certain period, 
usually a few hours or a day. They pick up cars and drop them off at certain designated parking areas or stations. Customers who need a car for one-way trips in the city are increasingly using stationless services like DriveNow or car2go. Registered users search for an available car in the area with a smartphone app and book it directly. In the third model, car owners make their own car available for a fee, which often includes special insurance cover.