The world’s largest sailing event: Kiel Week

Keel Week is a unique event in the world with sport and entertainment.

Kieler Woche
picture-alliance/dpa - Kieler Woche

“There’s no other week like this” promises this year’s Kiel Week which is again expecting millions of visitors at the world’s unique sport and entertainment event in northern Germany. There will be more than 1,700 events, including 360 regattas, at the huge sailing jamboree. The Windjammer Parade is a spectacular highlight. Windjammers are tall sailing ships that put to sea as freighters in the 19th century. The name derives from the English phrase “to jam the wind”, meaning to sail against the wind.  Hundreds of tall ships and traditional sailing vessels will once again be facing this stormy challenge. They will be accompanied by numerous steam ships, small boats and yachts. The sail training ship of the German Navy, the Gorch Fock, will head the impressive parade up the Kiel Fjord.

What once began on 23 July 1882 as a competition between naval officers and merchants with 20 yachts is now regarded as the “mother of all regattas” with 2,000 ships, yachts and boats and around 4,500 sailors. Whilst some are there to cheer the water sport competitors from around the world, others are celebrating the largest summer festival in northern Europe. The Ostseekai (Baltic Sea Quay) is the venue for music fans in a maritime atmosphere. Streets and squares are filled with stands and street performers, while bands create the desired atmosphere on the stages. Kiel Week traditionally ends with the spellbinding Star Magic firework display over the Inner Firth of Kiel harbour.

Kiel Week from 22 to 30 June 2013