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Barrier-free travel in Germany

Here people with disabilities can find tips and tools for carefree holidays in Germany.

Raul Krauthausen , 24.05.2019
Traveling by wheelchair in Berlin
Traveling by wheelchair in Berlin © Andi Weiland/

What makes travel attractive? Whether an adventure tour through the Bavarian Forest, recreation on the North Sea, cultural or nature experience - holidays mean getting out of everyday life and becoming engaged in new surroundings. For travellers with disabilities, however, this is not always so relaxing. An unknown environment also means unknown barriers. But with these five tips you can find your way around Germany quite well.

  1. The "Travel for All" project has reviewed and certified places of tourist interest for accessibility. On the website you will find 535 accommodations, 270 cultural institutions and 120 restaurants, and also tips for leisure and sports, transport and shopping.
  2. The non-profit Berlin club Sozialhelden (Social Heroes) offers a service for travellers with wheelchairs. The Wheelmap online map shows 970,000 wheelchair accessible places worldwide, of which about 600,000 are in Germany. The map is available in 25 languages. By pinpointing the location and using the filter options, you can quickly find the nearest wheelchair-accessible café or toilet. The map is growing daily because users can contribute information about places themselves.
  3. Useful for visitors to Germany's capital of Berlin is also the service There you can check the operating status of lifts in the tube and urban railway.
  4. The travel blog pools together general information on train and air travel with wheelchair. Here you will learn, for example, how Deutsche Bahn's mobility service works.
  5. We also recommend the city platform, another project of the Berlin Social Heroes. It rates attractive German destinations in the categories of mobility, sightseeing, leisure and life and emergency.


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