Never forget!

Wie Deutschland die Erinnerung an den Holocaust wach hält
How Germany keeps the memory of the Holocaust victims alive and is committed to reconciliation.

Voices to remind us

It is now 80 years since Kristallnacht – the Night of Broken Glass – and memories are gradually fading. Experts warn against letting this happen.

The Arab Schindler

Mod Helmy was a brave man. A Muslim himself, he saved the lives of several Jews in Nazi Germany. Israeli Igal Avidan traces his extraordinary story.

Lest we forget

Coming together at the scene of horror: Young people from all over the world meet in Dachau, where the Nazis murdered tens of thousands of people.

Preservation of remembrance

Germany and Israel have set up a close working relationship in the area of researching the Shoah. A main recipient of this multifaceted support is Yad Vashem, Israel's living memorial to the Holocaust.

Against hate and fear

Over 80 years separate Holocaust survivor Margot Friedlander and two school students from Berlin. What do they have to say to each other?