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Germany increases humanitarian aid for Palestinian territories

On a visit to the Middle East, Foreign Minister Baerbock announces more aid in view of the suffering of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

Baerbock and Shtayyeh
Foreign Minister Baerbock and Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh © picture alliance/photothek

Tel Aviv/Ramallah (dpa) – Germany is increasing its humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territories by a further 38 million euros in view of the suffering of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. This was announced by Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock after talks with Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh in Ramallah in the West Bank. This would raise Germany’s aid contribution to the Palestinian territories to more than 160 million euros this year, said Baerbock. At the same time, the Minister warned against the violence spreading to the West Bank.

“The future of the Palestinians must be better than their present and their past,” said Baerbock. It was also in Israel’s interest for the Palestinians to be able to determine their own future in a state of their own, the Minister said. “This is why it is crucial for the West Bank not to be drawn into the violence and destruction as well.” The humanitarian pauses were an important first step for the people of Gaza, Baerbock said. “These must be further expanded.” More humanitarian access was also needed, said the Minister. “What we have now is nowhere near enough.”

In view of the worsening situation at the hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Baerbock referred to international humanitarian law following a meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen. “International humanitarian law recognises civilian casualties. But it also includes clear guard rails,” she said. “There is an imperative both to protect the civilian population and to distinguish between civilian and military targets.”

On her third trip to the Middle East since the Hamas attack on Israel, the Foreign Minister previously also visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.