How to make a go of it in Germany

How do I make friends? Do I have to speak German? Two influencers and expats offer tips and talk about their life in Germany.

Two expat pros give tips on everyday life.
Two expat pros give tips on everyday life. Yamini Gautam
Nick Alfieri (27)
Nick Alfieri (27) from the United States is a professional football player for Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in Germany.

“I came to Germany four years ago to play in the German American Football League for Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns. So to begin with I had a whole football team to support me. My club has a lot of experience with helping foreigners settle in Germany.

Naturally, it is still difficult being away from my family, but Schwäbisch Hall is a welcoming town with great people and I soon felt at home here. The language barrier was never a problem because a lot of people here speak good English. And my German is also getting better.

My tips: Travel round Germany! The North is very different from Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg. And learn a bit of German every day! 

Follow Nick’s adventure in Germany on his YouTube channel.

Yamini Gautam (30)
Yamini Gautam (30) from India has lived in Bavaria since 2014 and works in marketing. On her blog Mademoiselle in DE she gives tips for expats.

“Living in Germany as a student is easy but entering the ‘real’ world can be complicated. Especially if you are self-employed. Germany has a reputation for being a very bureaucratic country. And it’s true: It can be difficult at the beginning to get the right information from the various authorities. What helped me was talking to other expats. And I also often came across useful first-hand reports in the online communities.”

“My tips: Take your cue from the Germans! Accept the bureaucracy and familiarise yourself with the country’s laws and regulations”

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