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This is how you find a job in Germany

You want to work in Germany? Find the right job with these job boards and business networks.

Christina Iglhaut, 19.03.2019
Find your dream job in Germany with these job boards.
Find your dream job in Germany with these job boards. © iStockphoto/caracterdesign

Browse job boards, swipe to your dream job or be invited by push message for an interview? In Germany, you can search for jobs at more than 1,000 job portals. Every month, they publish around 77 million job advertisements. We give you here the most important addresses.

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The official ones

Free, reputable and clear: whether you are looking for a permanent job, an apprenticeship or an internship, a look at the job market of the Federal Employment Agency is definitely worthwhile. The Central Agency of Foreign and Professional Affairs (ZAV) specializes in job offers and support for international applicants.

Job Exchange of the German Federal Employment Agency

The Central Agency of Foreign and Professional Affairs (ZAV)

The generalists

General job boards cover all occupations, sectors and regions of Germany. All types of companies publish their ads in them. The best generalists, according to Job Board Compass 2018, are StepStone Germany and

The specialists

Specialized job boards focus on a specific industry or target group. In this category, the Staufenbiel Institute, a job exchange for students, graduates and young professionals, scored the best on the Job Board Compass. Closely followed by Jobvector in Düsseldorf, with jobs for engineers, physicists and other scientists.

The networked ones

Business networks offer an important advantage when you are applying for jobs: connections. You can market yourself, get in touch with companies, or catch up with former colleagues. The German platform Xing and its American counterpart LinkedIn are the Facebooks of job boards.

The innovative ones

In addition to the established job boards and networks, innovative apps are shaking up the job market. For example, Truffls, is the Tinder for job seekers: you get profiles of job offers displayed and swipe on the smartphone to the right if you like the job. The company then receives your anonymous short profile and decides whether it is interested.

The start-up Talentcube in Baden-Württemberg wants to optimize the application process on the internet with short videos. The idea is that this will give the employer as spontaneous and personal as possible impression of the applicant.


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