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Living diversity

The future of work: find out here why diversity goes without saying at Fintiba, Bastian Krieghoff’s startup.

Bastian Krieghoff and Team  FINTIBA
Bastian Krieghoff und Team FINTIBA © Jonas Ratermann

“Diversity is in our DNA,” says Bastian Krieghoff about the team at Fintiba, the fintech startup he founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2016. He and his staff make it easier for young people from outside Europe to gain access to a university course in Germany. “Origin, skin colour, gender and religion play no role here at all,” says Krieghoff. “We take care of visas, accounts, health insurance and everything else you otherwise need for a stay in Germany.” Bastian Krieghoff has first-hand experience of the effort involved in moving to a foreign country. The idea for Fintiba grew out of this experience and his background in banking. Today his company benefits from the multilingualism and intercultural knowledge of his 45 employees from 15 countries. “This has already enabled us to remove many obstacles and find individual solutions for the meanwhile over 150,000 young people from nearly 190 countries who have come to Germany with our support.”


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