Magic mark surpassed has more than one million followers on Facebook on Facebook on Facebook

For many fans around the globe, it was time to celebrate at the weekend. The platform offering first-hand information about politics, culture, the economy and society in Germany has now passed the magic mark of one million followers. Unfortunately, we are unable to say whether the record was broken in Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Australia or Oceania on 17 May.

But one thing is certain: the editorial team at regularly invites all social media users, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to join in discussions and exchanges. Topics include life and work in Germany, learning German, political and economic relations between Germany and other countries, and Germany’s involvement in multilateral organizations.  We post in English, as well as in Arabic, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish via our regional offices. If you are not yet part of the community, you can register now to make sure you don’t miss anything: