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design: Germany’s cultural scene is rich, diverse, vibrant, full of ­surprises and international 

German Dialects: The Sound of Plattdeutsch

Once you’ve learned German, you may expect to be able to communicate with people all over the country. But with what is estimated at between 50 and 250 German dialects, you might find yourself lost when the locals open their mouths. If you are in northern Germany, you might be hearing Plattdeutsch.

How Germany Supports Professional Artists

You went to art school. You were inspired. You created. You networked. And then you graduated. Now what? Worried about becoming a starving artist? Where professional artists can find support in Germany.

Halloween in Germany

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday in the United States. But since the 1990s, its popularity has been growing in Germany. How do Germans celebrate Halloween? Read on to find out.

Turning trash into gold

ifa-Institut’s upcycling exhibition “Pure Gold” is going on world tour. We present the fascinating upgrading of rubbish into design.