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Start-ups confront the coronavirus

The Covid 19 pandemic poses new challenges for healthcare. German start-ups lend a helping hand with creative solutions.

Nothing works in the hospital without a computer.
Nothing works in the hospital without a computer. © picture alliance / Zoonar

The coronavirus crisis has created countless new challenges for healthcare. These were most evident in intensive care, where thousands of new beds had to be created in a very short time. But doctors’ surgeries, therapy practices and hospitals were also faced with new tasks in view of the risk of infection, lockdowns and the need for distancing when treating patients.

Young companies from Germany are providing many creative solutions to these problems in the field of digital health care. We present some of them to you here.

  • The matching platform Match4healthcare is the best proof that hackathons can lead to great results. At #wirvsvirus the idea of platform was developed on which medically trained helpers offer their services and can, for example, be contacted by hospitals. It has now been successfully implemented.
  • In emergency medicine, treatments must be carried out very swiftly. Often, however, there are serious communication problems between patients and medical staff. Triaphon helps with a 24-hour telephone translation service for hospitals and medical practices.
  • Patients in physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy are strongly affected by distancing rules and lockdowns. With the Caspar Healthor Medicalmotion  apps, they can continue their treatment without direct contact and from home.
  • Speech therapy is also the keyword for the Kassel Stuttering Therapy, which relocates the sessions to a virtual space and thus makes therapy possible without direct contact with the patient.
  • The M-senseapp can help migraine sufferers. It offers a diary function for headache attacks and automatically records the current weather data. The app also creates an individual therapy plan.
  • Especially for people with mental illnesses the pandemic is a heavy burden. HelloBetter provides support for depression, stress, anxiety, panic and other stressful psychological situations. It also offers online therapy courses and personal conversations on the phone and on chat.


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