“A friendship like raclette”

Three young people from Germany and France talk about their experiences with the Franco-German Youth Office.

Xheva Rrezja is FGYO junior ambassador
Xheva Rrezja is FGYO junior ambassador Xheva Rrezja

The signing of the Élysée Treaty on 22 January 1963 led to the creation of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO). On the treaty’s 56th anniversary, it has received a successor, the Treaty of Aachen. Three FGYO junior ambassadors explain what Franco-German exchange means to them:

Model for peace

“I regard Franco-German friendship as an example of how historical enmity and prejudice can be overcome by mutual rapprochement and cultural exchange and transformed into friendly solidarity. Franco-German friendship has become the driving force for the whole of Europe, serves as a steadfast mediator between the countries of Europe and sets an example for the preservation of peace all over the world.”

Xheva Rrezja is FGYO junior ambassador
Xheva Rrezja, 25, from Germany is studying European studies in Berlin and Paris

Always good for a surprise

“For me, Franco-German friendship is like raclette: warm, sociable and unexpected. I would never think of eating raclette with vegetables as Germans often do. It’s a successful combination and always good for a surprise!”

Mélanie Rivière-Thimotée
Mélanie Rivière-Thimotée, 23, from France is studying marketing in Strasbourg

Friends all over Europe

“Europe brings us together! The mobility offered by Schengen, Erasmus and Co. enables us to make friendly and enriching contacts all over Europe. You get to know country and people, and thanks to social media you can stay in touch. As a result, every time I go to Paris, Porto or Prague, for example, I have someone who can show me around town or offer a place to stay overnight.”

Mélanie Rivière-Thimotée, 23, aus Frankreich studiert Marketing in Straßburg
Tim Rohde, 25, from Germany is studying educational studies in Magdeburg

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