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Miss Tik Tok

Uyen Ninh moved to Germany because of love and became successful on Tik Tok shortly after. We spoke to her about that.

Interview: Maren van Treel , 11.09.2022
Uyen Ninh parodies Germans on Tik Tok
Uyen Ninh parodies Germans on Tik Tok © Oğuz Yılmaz

Uyen Ninh moved from Vietnam to Germany because of love in 2019: She and her boyfriend had been in a long distance relationship for three years. They had met in 2016 while he was travelling Vietnam. During her second year in Germany, she started posting videos on Tik Tok, which went viral shortly after. She is very successful on Instagram too. Uyen Ninh studies economics.

How has your success on TikTok and Instagram changed your life?
It definitely makes my life better in many ways. The best part is I have gained a lot of self-confidence thanks to this. I used to believe that I had no potential, and everything I tried to achieve would fail miserably. My whole mindset was changed gradually along with the growth of my channels. Furthermore, I am grateful to be able to support myself financially, without the help of my boyfriend. Sometimes I could even invite him to a nice restaurant or a holiday trip.

What has the feedback from people been for your content?
People on the internet have been very supportive of my content, which is a blessing because I didn't need to deal with many negative comments. My German followers find it interesting to see Germany through Vietnamese eyes. My foreign and immigrant followers who live in Germany told me that they could relate a lot with my experiences, and they appreciate that I told the stories in a funny and light-hearted way. I also have followers who told me they have never been to Germany, and did not plan to move there but they just enjoy watching my content to learn about cultural differences.

@uyenthininh You can’t never dig anything out of their social media 😂 #germanbelike ♬ original sound - Uyen Ninh

What was it like for you to move to Germany?
Germany is a completely different world compared to Vietnam, where I spent most of my life, so it was quite challenging at first. My body couldn't get used to the cold and dry weather here, as well as the food (which sometimes contains a lot of bread and dairy products). I also find the German language quite difficult to learn, it took me three years just to finally get the hang of it and have some conversation with my neighbor in German.

Still, there were a lot of things which I enjoyed. I have never experienced such advanced and reliable public transport, I could go literally anywhere in Germany without having my own car. I also appreciate Germany's healthcare system a lot. It is affordable and accessible for everyone.

The most surprising thing to me was the drinkable tap water. When I first saw someone turn on the tap and drink the water directly, I couldn't believe my eyes. That was a miracle!

@uyenthininh I have one rule, if it’s raining, I’m not going 😤 #dateagerman ♬ original sound - Uyen Ninh

What advice would you give someone moving to Germany because of love?
It is very brave and romantic to move to another country for love, but I would still suggest being very realistic about it since moving abroad is a big decision. Before moving, talk to your partner about your plans, concerns and expectations, be honest and straightforward about it. You’ll be fine! Also, learn German as much as you can before arriving here.


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