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German support for democracy

Political freedom does not go without saying everywhere. That is why Germany promotes democracy worldwide. These are four examples.

Maren van Treel, 03.06.2022
Germany promotes democracy worldwide.
Germany promotes democracy worldwide. © -

Democracy is characterised by more than free and fair elections. It also entails the separation of powers and a system of checks and balances, the rule of law, a multiparty system, freedom of expression and the press as well as respect for human rights. Germany actively supports democracy worldwide together with local and international partners.

Armenia: strengthening independent journalism

Fact-based journalism facilitates a system of checks and balances and counteracts fake news. That is why Deutsche Welle Akademie (DW Akademie) has been working with various partners in Armenia since 2020 to professionalise Armenia’s independent media. Among other things, the partners there offer training courses, supply equipment and provide subsidies. The project goes by the name of European Media Facility in Armenia – Building Sustainable and Professional Media and is funded by the EU and the German development ministry (BMZ).

Uganda and Pakistan: giving minorities a voice

How are refugees from South Sudan coping in Uganda? They were able to report on their situation themselves in several discussions with politicians and officials in Uganda. The meetings were organised, recorded and broadcast by local radio stations and supported by DW Akademie.

DW Akademie has trained media workers in Pakistan on the questions of diversity and discrimination in reporting. The journalists were made aware of issues concerning women, religious minorities, transgender people and the disabled.

Worldwide: promoting human rights

Parliamentarians Protect Parliamentarians is a campaign that has been active in the Bundestag since 2003. Members of the Bundestag act as sponsors and thereby provide support for persecuted fellow parliamentarians and threatened or imprisoned human rights defenders abroad. German parliamentarians can use their international contacts for this purpose, for example. In all, 78 of the present 736 Members of the 20th German Bundestag act as sponsors in this way.


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