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Young women shape politics

Three female politicians in Germany’s government coalition explain how they intend to increase the participation of women in politics.

Kim Berg, 06.03.2022
 Young female politicians want to promote women in politics.
Ria Schröder ©

Though the proportion of women in the new Bundestag has risen slightly, it is still the case that only 34 percent of its members are female. Female politicians in the governing coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP want to change this.

Ria Schröder
Member of the Bundestag and the FDP’s education policy spokesperson

Ria Schröder
Ria Schröder ©

“Women are still underrepresented in politics. And yet this is where the decisions are taken that affect us and will determine our future. It is therefore important to get as many viewpoints around the table as possible, which is why I want to motivate young women above all to make their voices heard. After all, the main objective of education policy is to give every individual the opportunity to take life into their own hands – regardless of their gender or background.”

Emilia Fester
Member of the Bundestag for Alliance 90/ The Greens

Emilia Fester
Emilia Fester © Henning Angerer

“Aged 23, I am the youngest female member of the German Bundestag. I want to make politics more female and younger, and I want to talk with people rather than just about them. That is why I am fighting for the rights of young people to participate and to empower young women in particular to get more involved in politics, for it is our future that is at stake. So let’s talk about the male-dominated world in which we live and how we plan to change it together.”

Jessica Rosenthal
hairperson of the Young Socialists in the SPD (JUSOS) and member of the Bundestag for the SPD

Jessica Rosenthal
Jessica Rosenthal

“Women do not have the same wealth, women receive 60 percent lower pensions than men and women are not paid equally. We must change this – above all in parliament. And this is something that anyone can change because anyone can become a member of a political party and then fight in the Bundestag, in the state-level parliaments and in the local municipalities to ensure that women finally get a voice and can co-determine.”


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