Strong women

Talking about equal rights, how role patterns are changing, and which women are moving Germany and the world. International women's day 2020.

Women can be …

Women can be loud, women can be stubborn, women can be beautiful. They can be all of that, and whatever they want to be. Check out our video in celebration of the International Women's Day!
Teamwork in the laboratory: success is always a joint effort.
Let us explain

Working together for equality

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Gabriele Wenner, head of the Frankfurt department for women
Raising questions

“300 years until we achieve genuine equality”

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Do we need more female role models?

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“We find politics sexy”

Just an added touch of pink? Or a powerful boost for feminism in Germany? Opinion-making magazines, fashion with a message and a demonstration in Berlin indicate where things are heading.

Women as mediators

Germany supports projects worldwide that engage women in peace processes and strengthen their rights. Here are three examples.
Quick facts

women live in Germany – two million more than men.


is the life expectancy of women in Germany.


of women aged 20 to 64 work.


of university graduates in Germany are women.


of Germany’s government cabinet are women.


are brought into the world by each woman in Germany, statistically speaking.

Fränzi Kühne is the youngest supervisory board member in Germany.
We meet with people

Fränzi Kühne: Digital affairs expert

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Ursula Müller is Assistant Secretary-General at the UN.
Germany as a partner

Women at the United Nations

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Half of 

A great deal has changed for women in Germany over recent decades. They have never been better trained nor enjoyed greater freedom. Yet the path to equality remains a stony one.

Women vote differently

Women in Germany have had the right to vote for 100 years. Why they nevertheless sometimes cast their vote less often than men, and what parties they prefer.