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Active against racism

Presenting three women who are involved in politics and society against discrimination.

Maren van Treel, 18.07.2021
Aminata Belli: Speaking out against everyday racism
Aminata Belli: Speaking out against everyday racism © picture alliance / SvenSimon

Alice Hasters

The journalist and author Alice Hasters regularly becomes involved in debates about racism and discrimination. For her it is important to show what racism really is: Because it doesn’t just begin where one group feels itself superior to another. Racism begins with the assumption that there are groups that differ from each other based on inborn characteristics. Hasters is calling for BIPOC people (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) to be more strongly represented in schools, the media and politics, including in positions where they have powers of co-determination.

Aminata Belli

The television journalist Aminata Belli has dedicated herself to fighting everyday racism. She is calling on people to intervene whenever people are discriminated against because of their origins. Such responses should not be left simply to the people concerned. She herself took time to reach this position: As a child, racism was something “that I simply had to accept”, Belli said in an interview. Alongside everyone taking a stand in everyday life, she thinks that anti-racist workshops in schools and company workplaces are a good way to curb racism.

Aminata Touré

Aminata Touré: Politically active against racism
Aminata Touré: Politically active against racism © picture alliance/dpa

Aminata Touré is equally involved both as a private person and as a politician against racism. Since 2017 she has represented the Alliance 90/Greens in the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament, where she is her party’s speaker for migration and refugees, women and equality, children and youth, LGBT issues and anti-racism. As an MP Aminata Touré was also involved in developing an action plan for her federal state against racism. She also voices her position in the social media, for instance on Instagram and Twitter.


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