Giving digital stimuli

People with the courage to come up with new ideas are making Germany fit for the future. Three examples from the digital sector.

Verena Pausder
Verena Pausder Kim Keibel

For fair access to digital education – Verena Pausder

Verena Pausder is a thought leader in digital education. Born in Hamburg, she develops learning apps and games with the company Fox & Sheep and HABA Digitalwerkstätten. “All children should have equal access to digital education”, says Pausder. To this end, she founded the Digital Education for All association in 2017. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, she created a web area about homeschooling and initiated the educational hackathon # wirfürschule.

Thinking in big steps – Pascal Finette

Pascal Finette grew up in Cologne and is now mixing it up in Silicon Valley. The entrepreneur heads the Google-sponsored start-up program Singularity University. Finette encourages founders to tackle the most difficult problems of our time and to find technological solutions for them. He supports only ideas that “can take humanity a big step forward with exponential technology”.

Pascal Finette
Pascal Finette Pascal Finette

The customer as developer – Catharina van Delden

Catharina van Delden is the founder and managing director of innosabi. The start-up is one of the leading international providers of software for innovation management. Companies develop new products together with their customers on the company’s platform. As a student at the Technical University of Munich, van Delden was already working on her idea and founded innosabi in 2010. “Innovation”, she says, “is the justified hope that something will get better.

Catharina van Delden
Catharina van Delden innosabi


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