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New ideas for the new mobility

From tiny sensors to e-cargo bikes: we introduce you to three German start-ups and the people behind them.

Lauralie Mylène Schweiger, 10.05.2022
Modern cargo bike: the e-cargo bike from Onomotion
Modern cargo bike: the e-cargo bike from Onomotion © Onomotion

Blickfeld - all-round vision for autonomous driving

The Munich-based start-up develops sensors to pave the way for autonomous driving. "The so-called LiDAR sensors create a very precise 3D image of the world. This means they can be used for very many tasks", says founder and PhD in robotics Florian Petit. The whole thing works "similar to a camera". The difference: it's about distances and not colours. Blickfeld says it has developed the smallest sensors on the market for this task. With twelve of the tiny distance sensors, a car has an all-round view and can thus support autonomous driving. Founder Petit's goal: "We want to contribute to a better world with our technology".

Blickfeld founder Florian Petit
Blickfeld founder Florian Petit © Blickfeld

Wunder Mobility - software for car sharing providers

Gunnar Froh’s start up, founded in 2014 in Hamburg, provides software for car sharing companies. The products, which are now used worldwide, allow young companies to enter the market within a very short time without having to develop their own software. With Wunder Mobility, Froh wants to lower the hurdles for new providers in order to "accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility". Cars still often stand most of the time parked and unused in car parks or garages. Froh is convinced that this is changing because the benefits of use over ownership are becoming more important. There is a demand for flexible means of transport whose maintenance is no longer necessary after use. The variety of offers is making this easier and easier: "Without a car, at least in the city, your mobility is no longer limited - quite the opposite”.

Wunder Mobility founder Gunnar Froh
Wunder Mobility founder Gunnar Froh © Wunder Mobility

Onomotion - e-cargo bikes for cities

The start-up offers environmentally friendly alternatives for transporting goods and in this way wants to make cities more liveable. "I'm originally from Munich, but I also grew up in the mountains of Austria. As a child, I always wondered how the quality of life there could be transferred to cities", remembers the start-up’s co-founder Beres Seelbach. Onomotion's answer: e-cargo bikes. With an engine capacity of two cubic metres, they are a quiet, environmentally friendly and space-saving alternative to conventional delivery vans. "You can drive past traffic jams and park right outside the front door", says Seelbach, describing a very practical advantage. The bikes are primarily intended for the “last mile” in delivery, which is of decisive importance especially in improving urban traffic.

Onomotion co-founder Beres Seelbach
Onomotion co-founder Beres Seelbach © Onomotion


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