Strong women in the media

Samira El Ouassil, Marieke Reimann and Eva Schulz – three of the many women journalists influencing the German media landscape.

Samira El Ouassil
Samira El Ouassil picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress

Interviews that interest young people, tips on gender-sensitive language, intelligent podcasts and columns: Introducing three women journalists whose names and formats are worth noting.

Samira El Ouassil – An award-winning media all-rounder

“Samira El Ouassil doesn’t just do anything in the media, she does everything,” is what the Berliner Zeitung wrote about the 36-year-old author. Her media-critical “Wochenschau” on ü is an award-winning column. In the podcast Piratensender Powerplay she discusses the week’s political events together with a colleague. Samira El Ouassil has two master’s degrees, she has trained as a narrator and an actor, she sings in a band and she is a member of the Mensa High IQ Society. The cosmopolitan woman is well-read and intelligent, and she loves humour and satire, as her texts clearly show.

Marieke Reimann – Editor-in-Chief who makes diversity visible

“When the things that define you in life don’t play a role in the public eye, then you feel you are unseen.” These are the critical words of the journalist Marieke Reimann in a text about the biased reporting on eastern Germany. But it could equally well apply to the second favourite topic of the woman from Rostock: gender-sensitive language. In the online magazine for young people, a subsidiary of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, the 34-year-old editor-in-chief introduced the consistent use of gender-sensitive language.

Eva Schulz – Political presenter who is popular with young people

As a young person, 31-year-old Eva Schulz published a digital school newspaper, because the print version took too long. She wrote her bachelor thesis about the difficulties innovative formats face in the public service media. As a reporter and presenter she now experiments with new ways to reach young people. Talking about her podcast Deutschland3000 she says: “My aim is to engage with people in ways that you have never heard before.”


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