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Inspiring imitation

Creating a green and sustainable future: Presenting three influencers who use their platforms for this.

Verena Eiglsperger, 18.07.2021
Anna Schunck gives tips on social media.
Anna Schunck gives tips on social media. © privat

Anna Schunck (@viertelvormag), journalist and climate activist

“The cameraman Marcus Werner and I founded the sustainable online magazine Viertel \ Vor. The aim is to publicise sustainability in a similar way to leading style blogs a while ago. With a mixture of fun and style. We wanted to learn alongside our readers and take small steps in the right direction. In everyday life I’m in favour of making small changes with big effects. For instance, by changing to a regional electricity supplier if possible. But we need big steps as well and structural changes, because it’s impossible for us to save the environment (and the world) all by ourselves.”

Marvin Rüb (@rescueplanetlife), student and environmental protectionist

Marvin Rüb has his own environmental protection site.
Marvin Rüb has his own environmental protection site. © privat

“I’ve always been interested in the environment and nature since I was a child. When I was five I was already rescuing toads from the road. Today I want to make as many people as possible aware of environmental protection with my dedicated site RescuePlanetLife, especially via social media. We want to mobilize people with hands-on activities, such as the garden/balcony award. The criteria for eco-friendly gardens included: Insect friendliness, watering places, nesting aids, wilderness areas for hedgehogs and mice, or bio-composting. Every contribution helps, no matter how small.”

Marisa Becker (@mysustainableme), journalist and sustainability expert

Marisa Becker also raises awareness via a podcast.
Marisa Becker also raises awareness via a podcast. © privat

“If you want to be heard today, you have to go where (young) people are out and about. In other words, in the social media. I want to raise awareness through my account, impart knowledge and inspire people to imitate. I want to give little bite-size morsels on the side that are easy to understand. But I really want to stress that we can’t save the climate simply as consumers. We need political change. That’s why I’m involved in a party, but I also act consciously in everyday life, for instance in my choice of bank. After all, our money is effective too. And we are in a position to decide how and where it is used.”

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