Learning for tomorrow’s world

Children and young people will need all kinds of skills in a rapidly changing world. We present five innovative learning concepts.

Learning supervisor and pupil in the Serlo Lab School
Learning supervisor and pupil in the Serlo Lab School Serlo Education e.V.

Serlo learning platform

serlo.org is based on the Wikipedia principle and sees itself as a free alternative to commercial tutoring options. The platform provides good-quality school knowledge, arranged according to topics and curricula. The range of content, which is being expanded all the time, is created, ordered and hyperlinked by a team of staff, some of them volunteers. The website offers pupils cleverly-designed explanations, videos, courses and exercises (plus the right answers), allowing them to learn at their own pace.

“SchlaU school”

The “SchlaU school” in Munich provides young refugees with instruction, similar to that on offer in schools, in the core subjects taught at lower- and intermediate-level schools in the federal state of Bavaria. By providing them with tuition that is precisely tailored to their needs, this allows them to enter the German school or apprenticeship system after one to four years.

Dialog macht Schule

The Dialog macht Schule project fosters a democratic awareness in pupils from year 5. The idea is for them to become self-determined individuals who will help influence society and politics in future. Over a period of two years, they are mentored by “dialogue moderators”. The programme is geared to the needs of schools attended by young people from many different cultures.

Rock Your Life!

Rock Your Life also uses volunteer students and pupils who are trained to become mentors. For at least a year, they work together with young people in a one-to-one mentoring programme, helping them make full use of their potential and preparing them for their professional lives. The network encompasses some 50 associations from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


The Hamburg-based Futurepreneur association supports young people in developing and testing out their own business ideas – regardless of their school grades and ethnic background. Supervised by coaches, they learn how to think and act as entrepreneurs, with “real-life” business gurus contributing tips.

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