Lifestyle and Cuisine

Lifestyle, design, housing, food and drink, organic markets, regional specialties, Riesling and star cuisine: Current and background information on lifestyle and cuisine.

30 years Lindenstraße

The television series Lindenstraße is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has remained young above all because it continually takes up issues of current concern.

The sleepless society

German physicians and a prominent American professor and author of books are warning about the consequences of the sleepless society.

Homes in the future

An exhibition called ‘Wohnungsfrage’ (‘A Question of Housing’) at the House of World Cultures, Berlin, encourages us to join international experts in thinking about how our homes might look like in the future.

The latest bike trends

Bike developers from Germany are banking on eco-friendly bikes made of bamboo and on smart cycling computers with more than a hundred functions.