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Topic of the week: Discovering the federal states

The new desire to discover

It doesn't always have to be the metropolis: medium-sized cities like Bonn, Kassel and Halle attract guests with great culture and good ideas.
Topic of the week: Discovering the federal states

High German and Low German

How do Saarlanders and Saxons speak? How many dialects are there? Linguist Stephan Elspaß explains peculiarities of the German language.

NFL premiere in Munich

For the first time, the National Football League is playing a game in Germany. Five facts about a German-American fascination.
Topic of the week: My way to Germany

Saving the roots

They are preserving a part of German history: the association DOMiD (Documentation Centre and Museum of Migration in Germany) collects testimonies of migration. Now a museum is also being built.
My way to Germany

Miss Tik Tok

Uyen Ninh moved to Germany because of love and became successful on Tik Tok shortly after. We spoke to her about that.
Topic of the week: Stars from Germany

Dances on waves

Nuremberg surfer Sebastian Steudtner has set an incredible record but wants to achieve even more.