Back home again

Three people and their new starts in Ghana, Iraq and Senegal: with German support, they now have a future in their homelands.

Back in Ghana, Faida opened his own bakery. GIZ

The Perspektive Heimat program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports partner countries in improving people’s living conditions and in creating local opportunities for people to stay in their homelands, especially services for education, training and work. The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH is responsible for implementing the program. Three examples.

Faida from Ghana

To live the life of a professional footballer in Europe – that was Faida’s dream. When he was allowed to take part in a tournament in Norway, he saw his chance: he travelled from Norway to Denmark and then to Germany. But he didn’t get any further in terms of sport and his application for asylum was rejected. Two and a half years after leaving Ghana, Faida returned to Accra. The Ghanaian-German Centre for Work, Migration and Reintegration supported him and enabled him to take start-up training. Today the 23-year-old Ghanaian runs a bakery. “I'm happy because I earn my own money”, he says.

Zanko from Iraq

Zanko had a car repair shop in Erbil, but he wanted to achieve more: he went to Germany and tried to gain a foothold there. But he missed his family, and was particularly worried about his mother. Zanko therefore decided to return. The German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration in Iraq (GMAC) provided him with further training and helped to organize materials needed for car maintenance. He was thus able to re-open his business.

Touty has opened her own tailor shop in Senegal.
Touty has opened her own tailor shop in Senegal. GIZ

Touty from Senegal

Touty is one of those people who take advantage of professional opportunities in their home country. The owner of her own fashion label and a tailoring business was able to improve her market presence through the BMZ programme "Successful in Senegal" and found Atelier 221 - an association of fashion designers and creative people from Senegal. She now employs 20 people and trains youth and young women. During the corona pandemic, she switched production to mouth-nose masks with the support of "Successful in Senegal". "I hope to continue supporting my country through job opportunities."


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