The Federal Republic of Germany is a value-based, vibrant democracy with a diverse political landscape.

Topic of the week: Solidarity with Ukraine

"Welcome to Germany"

The German state, and also many of its citizens, offer their help to people from Ukraine.
International Women’s Day

Empowering women worldwide

She only just survived the terror of the IS: Nobel Prize winner Nadia Murad explains how important equality of women worldwide is to secure peace.

“Support and solidarity”

Victim Commissioner Pascal Kober explains why it is important for society to have a national day to commemorate the victims of terrorism – this year in particular.
International Women’s Day

Young women shape politics

Three female politicians in Germany’s government coalition explain how they intend to increase the participation of women in politics.
International Women’s Day

The future of foreign policy

The feminist and activist Kristina Lunz wants to rethink foreign policy with a view to making the world a more feminist, fairer and safer place.