Internet heroes

Master Grafik Spezial
Entertaining, instructive, or simply funny – we present Germany’s Internet favourites. Millions of fans have raved about these videos and photos.

Top scorers

Internet heroes: Konstantin Hert’s freekickerz channel makes him the world’s most successful soccer YouTuber.

Doubly popular

Playback is fun – and makes you famous: the web videos of the twin sisters Lena and Lisa delight millions of fans. This is their formula for success.

Internet heroe

Mirko Drotschmann is Mr Wissen2Go. He can successfully turn any supposedly dry historical topic into a Youtube hit.

Dream job: Youtuber

How to become a YouTube star, as explained by German Youtubers Freshtorge, Dima, Sascha Alexander, justCaan and Silvi Carlsson.

Barbara the street artist

Heroes of the Internet: the online community loves Barbara the street artist for the intelligent and witty signs that she puts up and photographs around the city – while remaining anonymous.

Not afraid of hater posts

Internet heroes: three young German bloggers and YouTubers address gender crises, young feminists and Jewish life in Germany – with much wit and humour, and firmly opposed to haters.