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Invitation to a little trip around the world

Why travel around the globe? We show you where Germany is as beautiful as Venice, southern France or Florida.

Tanja Zech, 24.03.2021
The Zugspitze in the Alps
The Zugspitze in the Alps © dpa

The Alps are our Rocky Mountains

A destination of sublime beauty, with snow-capped peaks, rugged cliffs and verdant alpine meadows – this is what the Alps have in common with the Rocky Mountains. At up to 4,000 metres, the European mountain range, which also runs through Germany, is just as high as the Rockies, though the latter is four times longer. Germany’s highest mountain is the almost 3,000 metres high Zugspitze.

Hamburg is our Venice

Canals between street canyons, bridges, stately town houses and cruise ships – Hamburg is Germany’s Venice. Who would have thought that the most bridges in Europe are in the Hanseatic City? There are 2,500; twice as many as in Venice and Amsterdam put together.

The Warehouse District in Hamburg
The Warehouse District in Hamburg © Picture Alliance/chromorange

The geyser of Andernach is our Strokkur

The fountain shoots into the sky up to 60 metres high. The highest cold water geyser in the world is not in Iceland but on an island in the Rhine near the town of Andernach. It can be reached by boat from the Geyser Centre, which also provides interesting explanations of volcanic activity in the Eifel.

Geyser in Andernach
Geyser in Andernach © dpa

Frankfurt is our New York

Okay, everything here is one size smaller. But skyscrapers, banks and stock exchange, art museums, an alternative artist scene, an opera house, underground clubs and a colourful mix of cultures –Frankfurt too has all this to offer. Let’s call it Mainhattan.

The skyline of Frankfurt am Main
The skyline of Frankfurt am Main © dpa

Lake Constance is our Lake Baikal

Long, narrow, deep and framed by mountains - this is what Lake Constance has in common with Lake Baikal in Siberia. Deep, however, is relative, because even the deepest lake in the Alpine region is only 250 metres down, while the Baikal holds the world record at over 1,600 metres.


Lake Constance with alpine panorama
Lake Constance with alpine panorama © dpa

The Ache is our Ardèche

The sea foam sprays, the boat dances on wild whirlpools, the turquoise glittering river rushes between white pebbles and rough rock walls – with water sport fans, the Tyrolean Ache in Bavaria can compete with the French Ardèche.

Rafting on the Tyrolean Ache
Rafting on the Tyrolean Ache © dpa

Usedom is our Florida

Almost endless white sandy beach, sun worshippers and bathers, chic holiday houses – at least in midsummer on the Baltic island of Usedom, Florida flair prevails. Admittedly, instead of palm trees, pines grow, and it is noticeably colder too. But the Baltic beaches score with beach chairs and washed-up amber.

Baltic Sea beach at Usedom
Baltic Sea beach at Usedom © dpa

The Palatinate Forest is our Yosemite Park

Trees as far as the eye can see. In between bizarre red sandstone rocks rise up, glowing bright red in the sunlight. The Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve is Germany's largest continuous forest area. Although no bears roam it, there are lynxes and wild cats.

Altschlossfelsen in the Palatinate Forest
Altschlossfelsen in the Palatinate Forest © dpa

The Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt is our Kremlin

This ensemble in Darmstadt is not of course a fortress as in Moscow, but rather an artists' colony. It includes, however, a Russian Orthodox chapel with golden domes, which even stands on Russian soil. Czar Nicholas II had it built in 1897 for his family, because his wife Alexandra was princess of Hesse-Darmstadt.

Russian Chapel in Darmstadt
Russian Chapel in Darmstadt © dpa