Mobility and Travel

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Holidays in Germany, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Oktoberfest, North Sea and Baltic Sea: current information and background on mobility and travel

Geography and Climate

Germany lies at the heart of Europe. It shares its borders with nine other nations. No other European country has more neighbours.

The Afri-Car

A Munich-based start-up is marketing a vehicle that could just emphatically improve mobility in Africa.

Hitchhike and help

Ahead of them lies a hitch-hike of 2,000 kilometres from Erfurt to Lithuania. Three students are taking part in the 10th hitch-hiking race across Europe.

When is tourism “ethical”?

Flying to New York for a weekend shopping trip? That’s something people really ought to think about twice, says Frank Herrmann, author of FAIRreisen, a book about “ethical travel”

Germany: a nation of cyclists

Karl Freiherr von Drais designed a free-wheeling bicycle 200 years ago in southwestern Germany, his contribution to what would become the bicycle’s international success story.