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Travel bloggers reveal their Germany tips

Interrail, backpacking, work & travel or road trip? We asked four international bloggers about their personal highlights.

Christina Iglhaut, 02.07.2019
Travel bloggers give tips for travelling in Germany
Travel bloggers give tips for travelling in Germany © Getty Images

"Get your own means of transport"

I've gone on many road trips through Germany; that's the best way to travel. The most scenic route leads through the deep south from Munich to Füssen, past Neuschwanstein Castle. Especially in winter this is breath-taking. My tip: get your own means of transport, whether a car, a camper or a motorbike. Driving through Germany yourself is a special experience and saves a lot of time and money.


"Traveling in Germany is safe and uncomplicated"

Traveling in Germany is safe, uncomplicated and convenient. I often used public transportation - buses are particularly cheap. During my trip I worked in Munich, which was a lot of fun and there were many job offers. Being able speak a little German helps a lot. People loved my accent and were delighted when I tried to speak their language.

"Stay in one region and explore it thoroughly!"

I like to enjoy myself while traveling. Germany offers something for everyone: good food, mountains, islands, beaches, big cities, historical sights, and everything in between! It's best to travel by train. But don’t take on too much; choose one region and explore it thoroughly.

Wayfaring With Wagner

"I got the best tips from Germans on site"

Traveling by train in Germany is an unforgettable experience, because architecture, culture and mentality vary from place to place. Germany has the most comfortable trains in Europe, the main stations are manageable and the ticket machines easy to operate. The beauty of Interrail is that I could be flexible; I got the best tips from Germans on site.

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