The fall of the Wall

Mauerfall: Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands 1989
On the evening of November 9, 1989, the GDR opened its border crossings to the West for all citizens: The event went down in history as The Fall of the Wall.


German Reunification – a history

Myths and realities

Manfred Güllner, the well-known opinion researcher, explains how the “electoral successes” of the right-wing populist AfD should really be assessed.
Susan Neiman: “Berlin has become much more international”
Raising questions

International impulses in Berlin

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Growing together

Stefan was born two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although he grew up in united Germany, he can still see traces of the old division today.

Stayed here

The writer María Cecilia Barbetta has found her second home in Germany. Here she tells how it happened.

Remembrance of the Wall in times of Instagram

Smartphones, selfisticks, cameras: the #EastSideGallery on the #Spree is a tourist magnet. Almost 30 years ago, artists painted the east side of the wall and transformed it into a gallery. What do the visitors who only take selfies know about its history?

A strife-torn continent finds inner peace

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Two plus Four Treaty

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of a new era, but it was the Two plus Four Treaty that actually paved the way to German reunification.