Business ideas for a better world

Social Startups in Deutschland
Education, integration, climate change: Founders of social start-ups develop solutions to master the challenges of today.

Ideas to combat hunger

The UN World Food Programme’s “Innovation Accelerator” in Munich is committed to combating hunger. Can start-ups solve global problems?

Travelling together

Companion2Go is a social start-up that brings together people with and without disabilities – for trips, concerts and sporting events.

A laboratory for ideas

Social entrepreneurs are keen to make the world a better place. The Social Impact Lab is providing start-ups with the necessary support. What is most important in this context?

The Afri-Car

A Munich-based start-up is marketing a vehicle that could just emphatically improve mobility in Africa.

Take it home with you!

Almost a third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away. The good news is that there are lots of initiatives aimed at saving food from the waste bin.

Tourists work as volunteers for homeless people

There are many different ways to get acquainted to Berlin. You can book city tours or go nightclubbing – or you could work as a volunteer. There is a new start-up- enterprise helping volunteers to find a honorary post - for example in a homeless shelter.