Designing tomorrow’s economy today

Heute die Wirtschaft von morgen gestalten
Innovative, sustainable, fair – concepts and ideas for a successful future
Preparations for a new economic form
Raising questions

Rethinking capitalism

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Indian farmer with an advisor in a cotton field
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Make business sustainable!

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The Tesla effect

Tesla's decision in favour of Brandenburg has drawn attention to Germany's new federal states. Will they become the centre of e-mobility?

The e-offensive

Volkswagen is more committed to e-mobility than any other German automaker. Thomas Ulbrich, VW's board member responsible for e-mobility, explains what the company is planning.
Man and machines: approaching the future with care
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World champion in innovation - Germany

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German-made technology

Germany’s entrepreneurs are really making things happen and are attracting considerable international attention. Three examples that you might not have suspected were from Germany.

Industry and human rights

Germany has adopted a National Action Plan to hold companies accountable. Some firms have already committed themselves in exemplary fashion to protecting human rights.
Catharina Cramer has been the boss at the Warsteiner brewery since 2006.
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More female bosses in small and medium-sized companies

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Dr Tian Qui is researching micro-robots
Discovered for you

Medical innovations from Germany

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