Germany: Global Education Partner

Master Grafik Spezial
Education creates new links and opens up valuable opportunities. That is all the more the case when it develops international networks and promotes partnerships. Germany is actively supporting this worldwide

Rewarding education

There are German schools in 71 different countries. They do exemplary educational work. As can be seen from the highly endowed awards now bestowed on 11 German international schools.

Dual training is a successful model

The dual system of vocational training has proved an effective means of combating youth unemployment and skills shortages. Many countries would now like to introduce this model in partnership with Germany.

Borders only on paper

It is a highly successful European project: for 30 years now, the EU Erasmus Programme has been enabling EU students, apprentices, interns and academics to spend periods abroad.

Innovative schools

Tablets instead of blackboards: modern schools see innovative educational concepts as the way forward. Four examples.

Hope of transforming our world

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning supports the idea that people should never stop learning. Director Arne Carlsen talks about the challenges and goals.

The global classroom

Individualised and available everywhere at any time: digital education opens up all kinds of new possibilities and brings us a step closer to realising an old vision.


The goal of a dual vocational training programme is to help young people get started in a career. A BMBF project at the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) is introducing this model to firms all over Europe.