The meaning of home

Was Heimat bedeutet
Exploring an attitude towards life: Stories about arriving and returning, homesickness and feeling secure.

Urban versus rural living

Big cities are thriving and villages are dying out? The situation is not quite that simple. Here are some facts and trends about urban and rural living in Germany.
Walter J. Lindner is German Ambassador to India.
Let us explain

Home as a gut feeling

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Ali Faramarzi came to Germany from Iran
Let us explain

“Home is where I feel at ease”

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The value of home

The sociologist Jutta Allmendinger explains which values are shared by people in Germany, and what “home” means to them.

Berlin awakens feelings of home

Many Israelis find their second home in Berlin – as photographers, journalists, musicians or bakers. Discover what it is about Germany’s capital that inspires them.

What does home mean?

Young Germans and Israelis reflect on their experience of homeland and home – in short films. The project was organised in collaboration with the German Film Institute.