Day of German Unity

Am 3. Oktober feier Deutschland den Tag der Deutschen Einheit
On 3 October Germany celebrates the Day of German Unity. Read how it came about and how the country has since grown together

Grenze erfahren

Wo deutsch-deutsche Geschichte spürbar wird: Orte der Erinnerung sorgen dafür, dass die Vergangenheit nicht vergessen wird.


Zur Feier nach Erfurt

Die großen Feiern zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit finden nicht in Berlin, sondern in wechselnden Städten statt. Dieses Jahr in Erfurt. Warum ist das so?
Tag der deutschen Einheit
Wir sagen es euch

Der wichtigste Feiertag

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Brandenburger Tor

A process without historical precedent

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Topic of the week: Day of German Unity

Overcoming the division

The new order in Europe was sealed when Germany reunified. Discover the most important background facts here.



Growing together

Stefan was born two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although he grew up in united Germany, he can still see traces of the old division today.
Today the Wall is a tourist attraction in Berlin.
Let us explain

Germany without the Wall

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Feier anlässlich der Fall der Mauer am Brandenburger Tor

The fall of the Wall and German reunification

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Mauerfall: Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands 1989

The fall of the Wall

On the evening of November 9, 1989, the GDR opened its border crossings to the West for all citizens: The event went down in history as The Fall of the Wall.

Blossoming friendships

A personal look back at 30 years of neighbourly relations between Poland and the reunified Germany by foreign correspondent Ulrich Krökel.
Topic of the week: Day of German Unity

“We are the people”

German reunification: the motto of the peaceful revolution in 1989 was an appeal against division and in favour of non-violence.


Investing in minds

The economic catching-up process in the east of Germany is stagnating. What should be done? Economics researcher Oliver Holtemöller tells us where more adjustments can be made.